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Tailwalk Saltyshape Dash Seabass 90ML 9FT 7-28g

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The Tailwalk Saltyshape Dash Seabass 90ML takes the place of the old Major Craft Skyroad as a lot of rod for £189.99. The LureGeek team really like the Saltyshape Dash Seabass and are personally using this in 2018.

Brand: Tailwalk
Series: Saltyshape Dash Seabass
Type: Casting
Length: 9 FT
Casting Weight: 7-28g
Action: Fast
Sections: 2
Eyes: Fuji 
Real Seat: Fuji
Deigned For PE0.6-PE1.2
Handle: Black Foam
Bag / Case: Cloth Rod Bag


Shipping Information:
  • This rod is shipped with a strong reusable plastic tube.
  • Please note that due to shipping costs we only ship these lure rods in mainland UK.