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Shimano Vanquish C2500SHG

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The incredible 2019 Shimano Vanquish has raised the bar.

Magniesium body, 11+1 bearings, long stroke aluminium andonized cold forged spool, C14+ handle, Magnumlite rotor, Silent Drive and Micromodule Gear II and X-protect water proof system.

The 2500 could be considered too light for bass lure fishing, but if you like fishing light gear is the best.

Brand: Shimano Vanquish
Size: C2500 SHG
Drag: 3KG / 6.6LB
Bearings: 11+1
Weight: 155g
Gear Ratio: 6.0:1
Line Retrieve Per Crank: 89CM / 35 Inch

We are only shipping these high end Shimano Vanquish reels within the UK.