IMA Komomo 130 Slim Tomahawk

The IMA Komomo is known as a great lure, but the slim Komomo lures are in our humble opinion the best bass lures in the Komomo range.

The slim profile of the Tomahawk basically looks like a sandeel and we know bass can’t resist a fleeing sandeel.  As the IMA Komomo 130 Slim Tomahawk is a slow sinking lure you can work it very slowly or just let it drift, with the occasional twitch in the current at night, and bass will still take it.

Bass Lure Type: Sinking / Shallow Diving

Length: 130mm – 13cm

Weight: 13g

Fishing Range: 20cm to 60cm

Action: Wobbling

Hook: ST-46 #6

Ring: #3