Bass lures for fishing the saltwater wedge

As you’ll know fishing the point that saltwater meets freshwater on an incoming tide can be a productive spot for bass fishing. Bass has a high level of tolerance for freshwater and as they are physically superior to coarse fish, they have an opportunity for an easy meal.

So which lures are suitable?  Surprisingly or unsurprisingly its quality realistic pike lures not bass lures that seem to work best.  As a bass lure angler, the lures you’ll already have that work are Fiiish Black Minnows and any fat lure such as the Zenith Z-Claw or the IMA Sasuke 130.  If pike are caught in that river then please use a wire trace as pike also target those moving coarse fish in the upper stretches.

A tidal river is a great place for a freshwater lure fisherman to try their hand at bass fishing and for existing bass anglers to target bass when the coast is blown out.

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