These are the top must-have topwater UK bass lures for 2020.

1st: Xorus Patchinko II

The largest of the Patchinko family is the ultimate big bass surface lure at 14CM and weighing in at 27g it casts like a rocket. As with all the Patchinkos it’s a really easy lure to walk the dog.

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Xorus Patchinko 125

2nd: Xorus Patchinko 125

The newest Patchinko in the range is the Patchinko to get if you only plan on buying one variety. 12.5CM and weighing in at 18g it casts well.

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Xorus Patchinko 100

3rd: Xorus Patchinko 100

The baby Patchinko is best suited to calm conditions when bass are harder to trick. Some say they only attract small bass, but some beasts have been taken on the 100. At 10CM and weighing in at 15g it’s casting ability isn’t great.

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Whiplash Factory Spittin Wire

4th: Whiplash Factory Spittin Wire

The Spittin Wire was brought to the attention of UK bass lure anglers in 2018 by Henry Gilbey and has become a must-have surface lure. It walks the dog, it spits water and casts surprisingly well, but it’s not as easy to use as the Patchinko. 9.5CM in length and weighs 15g.

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