Fiiish Black Eel Review

The Fiiish Black Eel is a much anticipated new bass lure from Fiiish for 2019.

The detail that’s gone into designing the Fiiish Black Eel is huge. Upon close inspection, you realise how perfectly designed the body is. The action is amazing and it works well weedless even without the hook berried in the body.

Do we actually need another lure that fits between the Black Minnow and the Crazy Sandeel? Probably not but it’s such a good lure people will buy one and catch bass on it.

So is the Black Eel a shore lure or a boat lure? In the current 2019 available weights of 20g & 35g it feels most suitable as an inshore boat lure. That said when boat fishing it areas without a significant amount of weed, I’ll still reach for the Crazy Sandeel with it’s exposed hook first.